Now that the holiday ornaments are in storage and the merriment has died down, it is time for sobering new beginnings— a new diet, a new workout routine, New Year’s resolutions; a fresh start. But 2016 also brings sobering realities financially. A shaky economy, a plummeting stock market… and more importantly, how big a check you will write to the IRS. That realization is especially hard for high-income business people in the 1st Quarter of the year who will need a calculator and a money manager to figure out how much of those hard earned 2015 dollars will end up in Uncle Sam’s hands.

Yes, tax time is looming… only three months from April 15th when income taxes will be on everyone’s mind. Financial Advisors and CPAs nationwide will be swamped with a flurry of phone calls and emails from high net worth clients demanding tax relief methods to mitigate another large tax bill.

It is a common theme of high-income business owners— the more they make, the more they must give back to the government every spring. The question for you money managers and tax pros is how can you bring new answers to the table to alleviate your big money clients’ considerable tax burden?

The answer is right under your nose and you may not even know it. You may be familiar with Pension Plans such as Defined Benefit Plans but there are more sophisticated options you can propose in this arena. We’re talking about Cash Balance DB Plans and Split Funded Defined Benefit Plans. Those are the 21st century answer to your clients’ tax issues.

Get in game with new century DB plans while solidifying your client/advisor relationship with real-life solutions to their biggest business burden. With these plans you can outline a $100K-200K+ annual tax deduction. On top of it, they are IRS approved, Qualified Plans, with all the bells and whistles and asset protection of plans such as 401k/Profit Sharing Plan— with which clients may be more familiar.

With Split Funded Defined Benefit Plans the business owner is KING. He or she is the priority in the plan design, unlike the structure of employee benefit plans they might currently sponsor.

The ship unfortunately has sailed for 2015 and once again the BIG check must be mailed to the IRS. But the time is now to reach out to clients and future prospects and bring these fresh ideas for the New Year. Make 2016 the first year that your high net worth clients write that BIG check to themselves instead of the IRS. Now, eat your broccoli and get to the gym!

Let a PensionQuote pension specialist help you identify strong cases for these plans. Connect with us via telephone or email: 800.717.4723, [email protected].

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