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In this video section, CEO Eugene Gordon explains why PensionQuote is your best choice.
Inside the Ropes with the CEO

“We love a challenge because we realize that one size does not fit all. Tee up a case, a situation, a problem and we will handicap it for you and figure out a solution. It’s par for the course of what we do daily.”

Top 10 Facts About Cash Balance Plans

Cash balance plans are booming. Although they have been around for more than 25 years the fact that these plans can provide tax-deductible benefits as much as five times greater than 401(k) profit sharing plans have made them quite attractive. If you are considering implementing one, watch this video to better understand the value of cash balance plans.

There's Rich… And There's Wealth

Get rich on the money you didn’t pay Uncle Sam. Our team of pension specialists, attorneys, and actuaries help you build wealth with custom, IRS-approved plans.

Let’s Get Started!

There's Rich… And There's Wealth

Get rich on the money you didn’t pay Uncle Sam. Our team of pension specialists, attorneys, and actuaries help you build wealth with custom, IRS-approved plans.

Let’s Get Started!

Client Success Stories

Are you an entrepreneur running an active business, or a highly-paid corporate executive? It’s one thing to make money, it’s another to keep it. These real-life client cases show the power of our successful wealth-preserving strategies.

IRS-Favored Qualified Plans Are Our Specialty

A qualified plan must meet a certain set of requirements set forth in the Internal Revenue Code such as minimum coverage, participation, vesting and funding requirements. In return, the IRS provides tax advantages to encourage businesses to establish retirement plans. Our consultant will help you design and choose only the best.

Helping Financial Advisors Navigate the Role of Fiduciary in Retirement Planning

Many of the actions needed to operate qualified retirement plans involve fiduciary decisions. People now look up to Investment advisors who can give advice in the best interest of their clients, monitor investments and be open about any conflicts of interests.

If you are an RIA/adviser who is currently in the qualified plan market or would like to gain quick entry into these tax-advantaged strategies with an experienced team of qualified plan design veterans, reach out to us. We are glad to help!

Recent Blog Posts

CPAs Turn to Defined Benefit Plans In Search of Clients’ New Tax Deductions

In light of the new tax laws, business owners will be losing key tax deductions that will now be excluded and their CPAs will need to replace those with new tax savings strategies. One way is to design Split Dollar Defined Benefit Plans. A custom plan can be structured to significantly reduce tax bills with much greater deductions than traditional pension plans.

Why Wait for Tax Reform When You Can Pay Less in Taxes Now?

If you are in the top tax bracket and wish you could significantly reduce your tax bill next spring, there are tax mitigation approaches that can fulfill your wish. With our strategy, high earners can defer significantly more taxes and in some cases avoid taxes...

What Partners Say

Stephen F. Anderson CLU ChFC CFP®

SF Anderson Financial Services, Eastern Illinois University, Greater Chicago Area

I enjoy working with PensionQuote because the entire team listens closely to what the client is trying to accomplish and creatively designs a compliant qualified plan that matches the client’s goals. Each plan is custom designed to provide maximum benefit to the employer.

Ted Jenkin, CFP®, AWMA®, CRPC®, AAMS®, CMFC®, CRPS®

Co-CEO and Founder, oXYGen Financial, Inc

Both Gene & Joe have been more than helpful with the design and implementation of all of our client’s pension plans. They have educated us on administrative tasks we were unsure about and walked us through the entire process from start to finish. They also have a great relationship with the insurance companies and know how to make a normally painful process move much quicker. I would recommend PensionQuote to anyone who is wanting a knowledgeable team to help with client case design.
A known innovator in the Pension Plan field, Mr. Eugene C. Gordon is a pioneer of ” Owner Leveraged” defined benefit plans and “Insured Cash Balance Plans.” He is a sought-after speaker at financial services and life insurance company national conferences. Recipient of the Pacific Life Insurance Company Vanguard Award for lifetime achievement as an elite, top Producer.


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