Tax Savings Before Tax Reform

Why Wait to Save Big Tax Dollars?

If you are in the top tax bracket and wish you could significantly reduce your tax bill next spring, there are tax mitigation approaches that can fulfill your wish. With our strategy, high earners can defer significantly more taxes and in some cases avoid taxes altogether.
Many business owners and self-employed entrepreneurs become frustrated with the contribution limits in their defined contribution plans (e.g. profit sharing, 401(k), SEP) and would like to contribute substantially more to a qualified plan ($100,000, $250,000 or more).
If you are in the top tax bracket and have fewer than ten employees (or no employees), and wish to defer taxes on more of your income and put those dollars to work for you, we are the team you need. If you qualify, the paperwork has to be completed by year-end and needs to be started right away so don’t run out of time to bring it to our attention. One phone conversation will get the process started with the first objective of determining if this is a fit for you.
This tax deferral concept is ideal for 1099 independent contractors and successful small business owners with high income. You may be structured as an S-Corp., a C-Corp., an LLC, or you may file your tax return as a Sole Proprietor on a Schedule C.  If you have EARNED INCOME, you may very well be able to defer taxes on hundreds of thousands of dollars. Examples of people who might benefit are high earning realtors, attorneys, engineers, contractors, physicians, dentists, or other professionals who anticipate taxable income of $400,000 or more annually.
You may wonder why your advisor hasn’t told you about these strategies. The reason every financial advisor does not offer this program has to do with the fact that it is not a single product and requires specialized expertise.  Our team makes actuarial calculations that meet the scrutiny of the IRS to set up your program and see if it works for your situation.  We have decades of experience working with many ultra-high-net-worth clients nationwide. So, if you want to learn more about how the wealthy manage to pay fewer taxes and sock away money tax-deferred and tax-free, let us show you how.



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