Personal Pension Plan for Commercial Real Estate Professionals

Recent Employment Change Provides Outstanding Opportunity:

A 55 year old high-income realtor has recently become an “independent contractor” (1099) and is looking for expert guidance regarding a retirement plan that offers maximum income tax deduction. The good news is that as an independent contractor, the realtor can maintain a 401(k) and now layer a custom pension plan on top to significantly increase the tax deduction.

Total maximum custom package available to the 55 year old:

401(k)- $24,000
Profit Sharing $16,200
Custom Pension- $230,000
Total – $270,200 per year

Advantages of the new plan design:

  1. The contribution to the realtor’s previous 401(k)/profit sharing would have been limited to $60,000 in 2017. The new custom plan increases the contribution to a maximum of approximately $270,200. In the 50% income tax bracket, the increased deduction saved the realtor over $100,000 in tax – THAT IS $100,000++ THE REALTOR WILL NOT SEND TO THE IRS THIS YEAR AND FOR MANY FUTURE YEARS.
  2. The realtor was able to use his trusted financial advisor to manage the money deposited into the plan.
    • The custom design allowed for the realtor to invest in real estate if he so desired.
  3. By implementing the new plan immediately in 2017, the realtor was able to REDUCE HIS ESTIMATED QUARTERLY INCOME TAX PAYMENTS.

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