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Retirement Plan Savings Are Not Only for Retirement

This video explains that our pension plans can be used to save money for more than just retirement. Unlike traditional 401k or profit sharing plans, our plans allow you to take money out on a tax free basis, whether it’s to buy a boat or send your child to college. No matter what you want to put money towards, we can help you. Whether you have a business and want to avoid paying taxes in order to invest that money instead, or you just want to put some extra money away with great tax free growth, we have a program that can help you. The important thing is that you’ll be getting the most out of your investment and paying the least amount of taxes. And if you’re unable to reap these benefits, we’ll make sure that the people you love can get them instead.

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We are pioneers in retirement planning, featuring tax-advantaged defined benefit pension plans as exit strategies for high net worth clients. We partner with top industry Advisers to bring their clients preferred solutions to achieve large income tax deductions.


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