Joseph Penchansky
Senior Executive
Vice President

Decades of experience within the most elite and sophisticated markets have developed Joe’s ability to design programs and product presentations that rise above the ordinary. He is the underwriting and actuarial “guru” at our firm, with more than four decades specializing in the creation and customization of life insurance funded qualified and non-qualified plans. Major brokerage firms, banks, and life insurance companies have relied on the expertise and guidance Joe provides through PensionQuote™.

Today’s markets have become product driven, utilizing the special tax advantages newly designed life insurance products provide. These products offer a universe of choices and structures affecting cost, benefits, results and futures and it is Joe’s skillful ability to structure product design to match client goals that make his customizations successful. The identical product from the same company with a “boiler plate design” can produce either mediocre, or winning designs with cutting-edge customization.

He began his ascension in the industry at the height of the defined benefit pension market boom of the 1980’s and helped PensionQuote™ pivot with the industry’s innumerable tax reform policy shifts. Joe’s expertise includes maximizing plan contributions for business owners with the lowest possible cost, upgrading and improving existing pension plans, creating exit strategies, and non-qualified tax deferred designs for individuals as well as businesses.

That is why he is the go-to expert for many of our brokers and advisors to explain the ins and outs of program designs to clients and their accountants with technical assistance for complex situations.

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