Split Funded Defined Benefit Plans: Check-List for Positioning and Executing These Plans

ChecklistYou have a special offer for your high income business owners.

  • Imagine what they will be telling you after next tax season… “Bought a red Corvette with my tax savings.”
  • Fully understand the value of the tax savings you offer your client, and practice articulating this in a fun and memorable way.

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Who is the right client?

  • Earned income of at least $400,000 and a client willing to contribute at least $100,000 to a plan for next 3 to 5+ years.
  • Good net-saver, long-term thinker, and has consistent annual earnings.
  • Business Owners ages 40 to 70
  • 10 – 15 employees per business owner works best but don’t disregard clients with more employees
  • Places high value on income tax-deduction, tax-free accumulation, and asset protection

Life Insurance within the plan – how to address it (get a PensionQuote executive to help).

  • Focus on the economics/benefits to the Owner(s), increased tax deductible contributions each year.
  • Review client’s existing life insurance for an integrated and comprehensive, tax-deductible needs-based solution.

When Life Insurance is not applicable.

  • The client can reach his/her desired contribution without the inclusion of life insurance.
  • Client is older and will only fund plan for a few years
    • In either case above, client may still desire insurance based on need

Presenting The PensionQuote Owner’s Report to your client.

  • Start with accurate census data; accept nothing less.
  • Keep it simple.
  • Understand the presentation.
  • Schedule a member of the PensionQuote team to be on the call to explain the benefits/features of the plan to the client and CPA.

Life Insurance product choices.

  • Pacific Life Flex 15 and Flex Protector Whole Life products
  • MetLife Promise Whole Life
  • Other products/companies may be considered

Completing Implementation/Insurance Paperwork and Account Opening

  • Collect Implementation Fee to set up the plan
  • PensionQuote provides Plan Tax ID #s
  • Actuaries draft plan document(s)
  • Open retirement account(s) for the pension plan and profit sharing
  • Life Application(s) are taken (on the application, both the “owner” and “beneficiary” of the policy is the defined benefit plan).

The Sales/Marketing Cycle

  • Tax season (February-April) and the again after Labor Day are the times when your high-income clients are most receptive to conversation regarding income tax savings. Start early in the year to allow:
    • Clients to reduce their quarterly tax payments (if applicable)
    • The funds to grow tax deferred and be protected from creditors (asset protection)
    • The client to budget for a potentially large contribution
  • Present a Webinar and add your testimonial.
  • In-office presentation with one of the PensionQuote Inc. executives.

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