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Business owner clients look to their financial advisers for the right investment advice to maximize their upside and minimize their downside. But there is no doubt that one of the greatest incentives for most high net worth business owner clients is reducing their income taxes.

Your call to action to clients:

“Let’s Discuss Ways To Reduce This Year’s Income Tax Right Now!”

Now that’s a CTA (Call to Action) that will get your client’s attention; especially in the 4th quarter when many of your business owner clients are facing a looming, large tax bill for the year. The onus is on you to bring them quick and effective tax reduction solutions. We partner with the top industry Advisers to bring compliant, tax mitigation solutions consisting of conservative “tried and true” financial products and “white glove” administrative services; it’s what our PensionQuote team of specialists have done for decades. We help profile clients who are the right fit for a custom qualified defined benefit plan, or on exit strategies so they can save tax dollars now and build a tax-free future. Ask about our “prospecting sessions” where you put cases on the table and we brainstorm with you to pick the right ones. Perhaps you prefer a “marketing session” where you explore breaking into this lucrative market that makes you a specialist in your community and connects you with high-income business owner clients and CPAs. There is no better incentive than motivating your big money clients with tax savings. Reach out to a PQ team member, [email protected], 800.717.4723, or to me personally for an introductory, no obligation consultation.

Reach out to me at [email protected].

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We are pioneers in retirement planning, featuring tax-advantaged defined benefit pension plans as exit strategies for high net worth clients. We partner with top industry Advisers to bring their clients preferred solutions to achieve large income tax deductions.


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