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Let’s get into the “swing” of custom tax strategies with an example from the Senior PGA tour. While you might think that tour players spend most of their time on the practice range, let me tell you that many of those long hitters also work closely with their financial advisers with several goals in mind— to save taxes, target tax-free retirement income with safety of principal, and protect their families in case of premature death. Many of the top players on tour make big money, with lucrative endorsement contracts on top of their tour earnings. And these endorsement earnings, usually paid into a Sub-S corporation established by the player, are generally ripe for tax deductible contributions to a split funded defined benefit pension plan.
Now this particular 58-year old Senior Tour star contributes more than $300,000 annually when combined with a 401(k) and profit sharing plan. In his 50% tax bracket, that’s about $150,000 per year he is not sending to the IRS. And when he holes his final putt as a professional, there are strategies to create tax-free income streams while maintaining the peace of mind that his principal is not at risk. You may not have tour players for clients but you certainly know business owners with discretionary income that needs to be sheltered from taxes especially during this time of market uncertainty. That is why whether it’s for an elite athlete, a top paid corporate executive, or business owner, it is critical that you understand the tax strategies being employed by the nation’s top financial advisers.
So, when you stand in that tee box this weekend and hope that your ball doesn’t end up in the woods, think of the precious, hard-earned income a pro golfer needs to protect during and after a fragile career. Helping a champion on the fairway, or a successful businessman or woman in the boardroom keep the money they make today and watch it grow tomorrow is a challenge we can help you take on and win.

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