2018 has been a banner year for American business. A soaring stock market and booming economy has contributed to many business owners boasting record income years. But with big earnings, come big taxes. The 2017 Tax Law didn’t really help much due to the reduction or elimination of key business deductions, such as entertainment expenses and business interest, just to name a couple. Add on top of that the $10,000 SALT (State and Local Tax) limitation, and it has created a 4th Quarter scramble by high earning, small business owners looking to their CPAs for bigger, better tax deductions.

How would you like to be your business clients’ Tax Super Hero and help them slash six-figures off their 2018 tax bill? Who wouldn’t jump at the chance to realize a $100k+ windfall? It’s as simple as setting them up with a Split Funded Cash Balance Plan. You’ve heard some of the buzz on these plans in recent months and they continue to grow in popularity as a surefire fix for big tax deductions. The demographics of ideal candidates for these deductible plans are pretty black and white:

  • Business owners between 45-60 years old with the ability to contribute $100,000 or more into a qualified retirement plan.
  • Sole proprietors, partnerships, C-Corps, S-Corps, LLCs
  • Professional service firms, consultants, or practices such as attorneys, physicians, architects, real estate brokers, board of directors.

The answer lies in finding experienced, pension experts to design these plans, which can yield up to 90% of the contributions to the owners. In addition to significantly reducing the client’s taxes, the plans give a big boost to their retirement savings. So, what are you waiting for? Why haven’t you already approached prospective business owner clients, or those in your existing book of business to present their accountants and attorneys with the tax savings news? Now is the time when the CPAs are scrambling for hot ideas to reduce clients’ 2018 taxes. If you don’t present them, be assured that with all the attention these plans have gotten, your competitors will surely tee them up.

The clock is ticking because while contributions can be made up until the business owner files their 2018 taxes, plan documents must be prepared and signed by December 31st in order to receive a 2018 tax deduction. Don’t sit idly by and wait until the 11th hour. Become a Tax Super Hero to your clients now and let the pension specialists at PensionQuote™, who’ve been designing winning plans for decades, review and handicap your cases to see if a Split-Funded Cash Balance plan will work. They will jump on the client call with you to handle questions and objections. Their knowledge and experience turns a complicated concept into a simple solution.

Everybody wants to be a hero, so throw on your cape and save the day before your competition steals your thunder. Call or email us, [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], 800.717.4723. https://pensionquote.com/

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